6 Exciting London Startups You Should Pay Attention To

We love to support our fellow London startups. Here are some cool startups you should keep an eye out for.


Feel too uncomfortable meeting up with Tinder dates? Fear that as soon as you meet your match the two of you won’t be able to hold a conversation? Double is a new dating app that allows you and a friend to sign up as a pair to discover other doubles in your area. Similar to apps such as Tinder and Bumble, Double allows you to message other doubles you have matched with to chat or meet up. Having your friend by your side during the whole meetup makes that first date a little less awkward and eases your worries about meeting with a stranger.

Voyage Control

Voyage Control is a way for businesses to manage their logistics. They address the disconnect between demand and supply transport users and suppliers. Logistics are made efficient by creating an easy way for businesses to manage, optimise, and track their freight deliveries. This allows scheduling systems to unite hubs such as distribution systems, event venues, and office buildings. Also, Voyage Control is an efficiency tool that helps loads to be condensed in trucks, thereby maximising capacity. If you’re in business and need a way to improve and organise your transportation logistics, Voyage Control should be on your radar.


Clarity makes it easy to get an outside opinion when it comes to business decision making. Clarity is simple in that you schedule an appointment, and then you can talk to an expert about what they think is right for you. You then call Clarity, which connects you to top industry experts, explain your situation, and they will advise you what to do, thereby saving you time and money. It can be used as a way for young entrepreneurs to receive advice and save themselves from a potentially poor decision.


Now you can avoid that uncomfortable conversation with your roommate about why they haven’t paid their rent yet. Splittable is an app that allows you to divide the rent and other housing expenses without causing tension. You no longer have to worry about fighting over who got the toilet paper last. Having roommates can be hard, but Splittable makes it much easier to share a living space.


Startups can’t be located in your basement forever. Give Hubble a number on how many desks your business needs, and Hubble will help you find the office space. You can narrow your search by entering in your location preferences, your budget, and the type of office space. Both offices, or the “host”, and companies, the “tenants”, can use Hubble. Offices are available on monthly contracts to allow for flexibility, and communication is required from both parties to ensure that the host and the tenants are the right fit for one another.


inteBase finds you friends nearby that have shared interests. It’s a simple and easy to use digital icebreaker. You sign up, customize your page, and then start viewing your matches, which is based off location, basic preferences, and interests. You and the match must both accept each other in order to begin chatting with one another. It’s currently in the BETA stage and is still developing. If you want to be involved with the BETA stage, you can email inteBase to be selected to participate.