5 Reasons to Start an eCommerce Brand

  1. eCommerce is #OnTheRise
    According to eMarketer*, eCommerce makes up 5.9% the total worldwide retail market in 2014. By 2018, eMarketer forecasts this will jump to 8.8%. More than 73% of people alone this year in the UK will make a purchase online. As eCommerce paves the way for the future, more people are willing to make purchases online. To stay relevant, your products should be available to purchase online. As the trend towards eCommerce continues, there is no better time than to invest your time and money into moving online.

  2. It works 24/7 so you don’t have to
    eCommerce lets anyone, at any time purchase your product or service. Imagine all the eager shoppers running to your store to ready to open their wallets, only to be disappointed that they’re favorite shop has already closed for the day. The idea that you can be making a sale at any time is quite appealing. Customers can shop as long as they want, at their convenience. Save yourself the time of staying open late and put your mind at ease that you’re never missing a sale.

  3. Get hip
    Selz.com** reports that 80% of the internet population has made a purchase online. That’s 80% of the web population that can be reached if your business is accessible online. As the eCommerce market expands, more of that 80% will also continue to grow. If the customer is online, the seller should also. Make yourself available for those on their tablets, phones, or computers. They’re waiting for you.

  4. The more the merrier
    Abandoned shopping carts are problematic. eCommerce provides an opportunity for upselling. If your customer is about to make a purchase, why not show them all the related items they can purchase with it or add on? Let your customers have the option to purchase additional services and products on your site. They view which items specifically benefit them, and you get to show them all the additional options you offer that they otherwise would miss if shopping in store. It’s a win-win.

  5. Because Shoprocket makes everything easy
    Shoprocket is an eCommerce platform that takes a single line of code and adds it to a preexisting website. In a matter of minutes, you can start to sell online. It’s quick, simple, and easy for anyone to implement. As eCommerce evolves, Shoprocket’s malleable and innovative technology means we can keep up. As our customers’ world changes, we want our technology to grow with it. No matter the ecommerce platform (though we are a bit biased), there are so many tools available