5 Smart Marketing Strategies for Building Your Social Media Brand

Some people believe that marketing on social media is as simple as creating an account and posting whatever comes into your head. But to create a strong brand, you’ll have to incorporate a bit more strategy. Social media marketing can be just as complex as other types of branding, and it requires a deft hand.
Here are 5 simple strategies to help make building your social media brand a little easier.

Focus on the most important platforms

You don’t have to create an account on every single social media platform in order to have a prolific presence. In fact, creating too many accounts can just create more problems. Spread yourself too thin, and you won’t have enough resources to invest into making any of them particularly memorable.
Narrow yourself down to the platforms that are most relevant to your business and brand. If you’re a photography company, you’re obviously going to do a lot better on sites like Instagram. A business that targets an older audience, however, is likely to find more success on Facebook.

Be consistent with your other materials

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. If one of your marketing channels looks, sounds or feels completely different from the others, it’s going to confuse people. Not only will audiences have a hard time recognizing and engaging with your brand, they’ll view it as less trustworthy and reliable.
Make sure that the design of your social media profiles matches the visual branding of your other marketing collateral—everything from your company’s website to the custom gift card holders you distribute at events.

Network with influencers

One of the best ways to grow your influence is, naturally, to form relationships with social influencers. Software such as Buzzsumo can help you identify the movers and shakers in your niche, and from there you can reach out and engage with them.
The important thing is to approach this from a position of mutual benefit; focusing on what others will do for you will just come across as selfish. Instead, emphasise what you can do for your new contact.

Use engaging images

A great-looking custom image can go a long way towards getting more eyes on your social media posts. Visual content boosts engagement and helps communicate your message in a memorable way.
Strong, eye-catching photos with vibrant colours (like red or orange) are best for getting audiences’ attention. If you include text in your image, make sure you use a typeface that’s easy to comprehend.

Incorporate video

Video has become increasingly popular on social media over the years because it connects with viewers in a way that other mediums can’t. Live video is particularly useful because it allows viewers to feel “in the moment” and engage directly with people on the screen.
You don’t necessarily need to hire a production company or create an elaborate set. A simple tutorial or demonstration of your products can go a long way. Make sure, however, that your video is technically competent. Use proper lighting and get your hands on a decent microphone. Consider adding subtitles to make your video more accessible to the hearing impaired (or those watching with the sound turned off).


Remember that branding your social media pages isn’t something you just do once and then forget about. Like all of your branding, it’s an ongoing process that evolves along with the growth of your company.
Do you have more social media branding tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!