8 Awesome Tools You Can Use to Automate Your Business

The rapid development of mobile internet has unhinged a wide variety of tools, web apps and freeware which allows us to automate a range of activities. With so many entrepreneurs and business owners spending a lot of time travelling, it’s important to maximise productivity by automating as much as possible. Below I’ve provided some useful tools that I’ve found to be helpful in my everyday life.


Mailchimp is useful for anyone, particularly startups and SMEs who wish to send newsletters. Across the world, they send over half a billion emails per day. The best part of Mailchimp is its ease of use. You can quickly learn how to create an email campaign, develop a list of recipients and send newsletters.


Hubspot is a fantastically comprehensive inbound marketing platform. It offers a wide range of features (some of which overlap tools mentioned here) to help you drive customers to your website. There’s also an array of documentation to help you learn more about marketing. Their online community is a valuable way to give and receive feedback on any questions you may have.


With a variety of social media platforms available, it’s crucial to have a tool that can facilitate posting across all networks. Buffer schedules posts over a variety of platforms for whenever you want it to. You can also monitor and manage the responses that your posts have on each platform. Buffer is accessible via the web, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. I previously used Hootsuite but I prefer Buffer due to it’s easy of use and simplicity.


From my experience working with startups, I tend to find that there are thousands of small mental notes I make throughout the day. If you’re like me, you’ll need an efficient and simple method of sticking them down. That’s where Evernote comes in. You can take notes on a variety of devices and then organise them very efficiently. I personally love how well I can categorise and search everything.

Google Calendar

I have used this tool for years and it has only ever improved. Google Calendar is phenomenal for organising your personal and professional life. It makes for efficient meeting organisation and integrates with my most commonly used organisation / productivity tools. It provides consistency in a busy environment. It’s just an all round excellent tool.


Slack is the most widely used startup communications tool in the world. Its rapid growth was born from its simplicity. Slack provides you with an effortless way to communicate with other members of your team through different topics called channels. It also integrates well into most devices (iPhone and Android) and can connect to other tools such as Trello and Google Calendar. Don’t forget to check out all the awesome communities on Slack!


When operating a startup, you want simplicity and ease in everything you do. One tool that I have used that embodies these characteristics is Streak, a fantastic little CRM tool that bolts-on to Gmail. It offers some awesome features such as View Tracking, Mail Merge and Send Later. They’ve also recently launched an iOS app.


Customer service can be a make or break point when it comes to the success of a startup. When you’ve got customers contacting you through multiple platforms, life becomes complicated. Intercom is ‘A fundamentally new way to communicate with your customers’. It brings all customer communication to one platform which you can use on multiple devices. So you spend less time on each customer whilst maintaining excellent customer service.

The Tools:

  • Mailchimp - Emailing
  • Hubspot - Inbound marketing
  • Buffer - Social media
  • Evernote - Personal Organisation
  • Google Calendar - Calendar management
  • Slack - Communication
  • Streak - CRM
  • Intercom - Customer Communication