Accepting Bitcoin & Subscription Payments

Has it been a whole sprint already? Time flies when you’re having fun! In this sprint, we’ve been focusing on two areas: Bitcoin Support and subscriptions.

Bitcoin Support

At Shoprocket, we love Bitcoin and feel that it is a real game changer, it could potentially be the future of finance. However, as with many new and exciting things, it is young and risky. As such, we’re taking our time to properly plan and prepare for the future. We very much see this as version One of our Bitcoin implementation.

With Shoprocket, you can accept Bitcoin in nearly the same way that you would accept credit card payments. The key difference lies in how the payment is actually made. With credit cards, you collect a card number from your customer. You can use this card number multiple times, but each time the customer’s bank can choose to decline the charge. Additionally, simply collecting the card number does not guarantee access to any particular amount of funds. With Bitcoin, there’s no saved number that you can't attempt to charge multiple times or at a later date. Instead, you invert the process by telling your customer how much they need to pay you, and then provide a way for them to pay you that amount.

No Currency Fluctuations

Avoid exchange rate hassles—specify amounts in USD and we’ll send you dollars.
It works with our checkout in a very simple manner. Next to the pay-by-card button you now see a pay-by-Bitcoin option.


Transparent pricing

Stripe charges just 0.5% per successful Bitcoin transaction. There are no other fees.

Unified reports and orders

No extra hassle: Bitcoin payments are integrated into the same reporting as credit cards.

Subscriptions and Partial Payments

You add part payments and subscriptions easily from the dashboard.



This allows you to sell weekly, monthly or quarterly services. This is useful if you are selling a service such as a monthly box such as Loot Crate.

Part Payments

This is for clients who have expensive items and want to offer their clients payment terms. For example, if you have an item that costs £1000 and you would like to charge £500 up front and 5 monthly payments for £100, you now have this option.

When a part payment or subscription is added to a product it shows in the checkout in an elegant manner. When either is selected you are giving a summary of exactly what you are paying and they add their card and pay as normal, that's it. It’s done.

Part payment and subscriptions are both in beta now. If you would like to add them to your account, please contact us!