Four Easy Ways for SME's To Maximise Sales This Season

As the holiday season rolls around, it not only brings along festivities and celebrations, but also frantic holiday shoppers looking for the perfect gift. It’s the opportune time to find new customers and impress your old ones. Make your customers’ shopping experience seamless during this stressful season.

As the holiday season kicks off, below are some tips for both maximising your sales and keeping your customers happy.

Timely Mail Delivery

Ensure that all orders will be sent and received before Christmas. This is crucial. Check that all mail delivery times are accurate and that customers will not be receiving their purchase on December 26th. Customers expect their purchase to arrive before Christmas. If their item arrives late, it will not be unwrapped on Christmas day. If you know their parcel won’t be received in time, either warn your customer it will not arrive in time for Christmas or charge them extra for express delivery. Those who buy from you may not think much when their gift arrives on time, but they will most certainly remember their gift that does not.

Keep a List and Check it Twice

The holidays are a chance for your old customers to take advantage of your deals. However, even more exciting is the opportunity to turn new customers into loyal customers. Collect the information of new shoppers, and foster a relationship with them even after the season has ended. Save their details and market to them after the season is over. This is the best time to grow your customer base.

Segment Items

Christmas shopping is a chore. Make it simple for your customers to browse your gift options. By segmenting items into categories such as “For Him” or “For Her,” it guides your customers towards gifts they’re interested in purchasing. You can also divide your items by price for those aiming to spend a specific amount. By categorizing, it’s saving your customers time and narrows their focus on what options best match what they want to buy.

Cross Sell

Cross-selling is suggesting products that are similar or complementary to what the customer is viewing or has added to their cart. If your customer is viewing a shirt, suggest accessories that go along with it. Recommend other items that customers like them have also viewed. Cross-selling is as much an opportunity for you as it is for your customers. Holiday shoppers will see related items that they may be interested in whereas you can capitalise on selling more product.

Make your customers happy this holiday season by taking the time to organize your site and ensure everything is done in a timely fashion. Take advantage of the opportunities the season affords you. If you have any tips to add, comment below!

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