Happy Halloween! - Taking the scary out of launching your eCommerce store

Launching your own eCommerce store can be very scary - we at Shoprocket completely understand this and are here to help you frighten away the ghosties that are stopping you from pressing that “Live” button!

So, what should you do to quell the fear of taking the plunge into eCommerce?

Minimise your risks

Ensure that any potential issues are taken care of before you start selling - make sure your stock is correct, and that you have a few extra so as not to worry should you over-sell due to a technical error or something similar.
Should you be expecting a heavy day of sales, make sure any work that can be done before is done - for example, putting all your items into their packaging, ready to ship, so that just the addresses need to go on.
Before launching, check your website is up and running smoothly - place a few test orders to be certain all forms of payment go through.

(Selectively) Inform your customers

Instead of adding pressure by arranging a big launch and underperforming, consider a fun internet soft launch, for example, only on your most active social media channel, and invite select customers who show real interest and will most likely purchase something to celebrate your new store.
Consider offering a welcome voucher to draw customers in so you don’t need to worry too much about whether you will make sales on your first day.

Testing Testing Testing!

Make sure your products undergo rigorous testing - Let neutral (ie. not friends or family) customers play with the product extensively before offering it up for sale.
Take advice from experts in the field and modify your product so it follows any safety standards necessary.

Check out your competition

Your competitors can tell you a lot about what your customers want - try to consider their sales and their prices and also when they are selling more products. Check out their sales tactics and look for any weaknesses in their approach - see if you can use these to your advantage.

Consider the seasons

Your products may be better suited to being launched during a certain time of year - consider unveiling your Christmas Store in November, or your love hearts store in January, so that customers have plenty of time to find you before the important days.