How to keep your creative juices and productivity flowing while maintaining an eCommerce store

I'm an artist at heart - that much is obvious. I love making things so much that I often have more than one project on the go at any given moment!

However the harsh reality of life is that I can't just sit in my room and make beautiful art - much as I'd love to! To justify the expense of my art I do need to sell the stuff - but being a creative means that the idea of setting up products is very dull - so here are some hints and tips to keep your creativity flowing with some of the more tedious areas of your eCommerce store.

1. Put some music on / play something in the background

Nothing feels worse than an unproductive day - have an educational podcast or some world music playing while you work so you feel like you are learning something while working through some more mundane tasks.

2. Keep a notepad handy

Creative ideas come at the worst of times - so keep notes, but keep them separately to your workspace so that you can't potentially be distracted.

3. Time yourself / make a game out of it

A great method to keep procrastination at bay is to allow it to happen - for only 15 minutes an hour. Set a timer so you can see how long you have until you're allowed to procrastinate. Trust me, it works!

4. Include creativity in the process

Product photos and descriptions are a great way to flex your creative muscles - challenge yourself to use different angles/filters/phrasing with all of your products.

5. Stay Organised

Removing frustrations such as incorrectly placed files by being vigilant in your organisation - make folders and spreadsheets and STICK TO THEM!

6. Remove distractions

Phone, away. Facebook, blocked. Family, only after 5pm. You got this ;)