How to Massively Increase Your Sales on Amazon - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Amazon SEO crash course

In this part 2, we’ll be going over what to do after the customer clicks on the link. Assuming their site loads, you will have to attract the customer to actually purchase your product.

The good thing about Amazon as mentioned in part 1, is the one-click checkout. Most people buy on Amazon because it’s quick and easy. This makes things a lot easier on your end. You don’t have to worry so much about optimization.

Creating bullet points is the next step. The bullets are the most visible and important text on your page aside from the title. Bullet points work because most of the time product descriptions are clunky and people tend to ignore it. You should aim to sell your product to the page viewer from your bullet points alone.

Your bullet points must be clear and must be direct of all the values that your product can provide for them. The customer wants to know right away what you can solve for them and if the product will make their life easier.

1. Use all four of the bullet point areas, these are front and center on your product listing.

The four bullet point areas are the ones that people tend to see first. When they click on your product and scrolls down. Use all four, this may seem obvious, but take advantage of this space! Use all the possible bullet points to sell your product.

Before writing these bullet points, ask yourself what your customers want to see. Try to put something that will solve their pain points.

2. Use capital letters for the first few “main” words of each bullet point.

Did you know that capital letters attract people a lot more than lowercase?

Notice how most banner ads at bus stops have capital letters in them, because it attracts the human eye a lot more.

If the key benefits that your prospect is looking for are capitalized, they will immediately stand out to your buyer, and hook them into reading more.

3. Try and sell extra products on the 4th bullet point.

The most important thing in marketing is a call-to-action button. At the end of every email or landing page, you want to have a buy button.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in Amazon. You cannot just insert a button, but you can make the last bullet point something that will make them want to buy.

Here is a an example:

  • BEST IPHONE 6 CASE AVAILABLE – Our iPhone 6 cases our routinely voted #1 by users. Our focus on quality is 2nd to none.

  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT – We go above and beyond when it comes to material selection. We use state of the art lightweight materials to ensure you barely even notice the case is there.

Check back in a few days for Day 3 of the Amazon SEO Crash Course.