How to Massively Increase Your Sales On Amazon - Part 5

Welcome to Day 5 of your Amazon SEO Crash Course. Today, we'll discuss the back-end description of your product.

Don’t neglect the seller-backend of your product listing just because no one can see it. This is your opportunity to tell Amazon where your product belongs. Missing crucial information here could exclude you from targeted searches made by buyers ready to purchase.

What should you include in your product information?

1. Include your search terms in the backend keyword area

In the seller backend "keywords" tab, you have 5 boxes to list your search terms. Each box can hold up to 50-characters each. Use all of your most important keywords here, in the exact order of the keyword string. You only need to list each phrase once.

We recommend that you use every space available here. Don't use any commas or quotations, but do include all variations, synonyms, and the singular/plural versions of your keywords. Also, include any features that a user might search for. This is your place to list every possible keyword combination you think is relevant.

For example, if you were targeting iPhone cases, then 1 of your 5 boxes might look like this: black thin iPhone 6 case matte slim cases cover.

2. Provide accurate and complete product data

This means utilising EVERY field available, including detailed specifications. While you may not think that a certain field is applicable to your product, you should fill it in anyways.

The omission of certain information could preclude you from a detailed search by a potential customer. The more info you give Amazon, the more eyes will be exposed to your product.

Backend Places For Information (Use every available spot that you can within reason):

  • Search Terms
  • Intended Use
  • Target Audience
  • Other Attributes
  • Subject Matter
  • Colors, Flavors, Dimensions
  • Indications
  • Ingredients
  • Safety warning
  • Material

Pro tip: Now that you’re customers have found your product, learned about it, and decided it’s what they want, they need to see that other people like them have found it to be what they’re looking for. Next post we’ll explore the importance of reviews in ranking and selling your product, and we’ll show you how to get reviews if you don’t have any already.