Keywords at Christmas!

Keywords, keywords, keywords. We all hear about them, but what exactly are they, and how can they help us sell more to the little boys and girl's parents this year?

Santa has put together a handy list of keywords that can be used at Christmas time, but how can you optimize these to ensure that more people come across your shop, and hopefully checkout?

Keep it relevant

I personally would love to make all things Christmassy, but alas, this is sometimes not possible. No matter how hard you try, "Christmas Surfboard" just does not work. If that's the case, use keywords such as "Gift" or "perfect present" rather than trying to festive it up.

If you do have an item that would be a perfect gift for someone, tag it with keywords such as "father" or "male" - you might get picked up in one of those "7 perfect presents for dad" blogs.

More is more

Don't be ashamed of using as many keywords as you can squeeze in - like #hashtags on Instagram, keywords play a massive part in where you rank when people search - as long as you keep the keywords relevant, you should write as many as you want.


Include your important keywords in your product's description and title - the more they appear in the product template the higher up they will rank in SEO standards.

Feeling Festive?

Selling a blanket? Then "Cosy", "Warm" and "Winter" are perfect keywords - remember, your potential customer may not be searching for your exact product, they may be searching for a solution to their problem - provide that solution in your keywords, and include a gorgeous cosy picture of a smiling lady on a sofa with the blanket! Sold!