Shoprocket: Cloud-based eCommerce for Everyone

Adding eCommerce to your website doesn’t have to be rocket science. And to prove it to you, we are proud to introduce Shoprocket: enterprise level, feature-rich and reliable eCommerce that can be integrated with a single line of code.

Shoprocket at a glance:

  • Fast and user-friendly for developers, shop owners and customers
  • No subscription or setup fees. Only a flat rate of 2% on completed sales
  • Completely scalable and able to handle huge volumes of orders
  • Maximum security. All payments are handled securely by Stripe and Paypal
  • Fully responsive. Automatically adjusts to mobile device capabilities
  • Real-time shipping costs calculator including postcode look-ups
  • Automatic pickup orders with custom timed intervals, text & email reminders for your customers

Shoprocket makes setting up your online business as pleasant and simple as possible. We believe that there are enough aspects to focus on when building an enterprise, so why create more?

There's no need to spend countless hours and money on coordinating development. Our eCommerce solution is fast, secure, reliable and most importantly, easy to use. Copy, paste, and profit. It’s as simple as that.

Shoprocket is the simplest solution for adding a robust shopping experience to your website or application. It can accelerate your launch and you can have your webstore up and running in almost no time at all (Our record is 7 minutes). It comes equipped with a huge range of features to facilitate eCommerce and ensure a seamless experience for your customers. This enables you to sell products and services through a secure and tested payment system without any setup or development costs. Start whenever you want, however you want.

Because Shoprocket provides a developer-friendly and efficient environment, you can forget all server and secure content management worries. You will be able to set up your business in a less cluttered environment, and know you are doing everything correctly from the beginning. The code is especially malleable and and easy to adapt to your specific needs. This in combination with stringent security measures results in an efficient solution that can be used in any eCommerce scenario. And it doesn’t cost anything to start, meaning that you are free to experience it yourself. If you decide later on that it isn’t for you, no problem, we don’t demand any fixed term contracts.

Why use Shoprocket instead of developing your own order and payment system? Because there is rarely a reason to start from scratch. In most cases, especially start-ups, spending funds on other aspects can take you much further. When what you need already exists, you are free to focus on what matters. On average, it can take up to 6 - 8 weeks to develop a new eCommerce website, with large up front costs and ongoing maintenance required, as well as overly complex security requirements needing to be continually met. With Shoprocket, it’s a different story.

Lets say you are relying on a truly pioneering idea for your business. This offers the opportunity of a first mover advantage, which often proves to be a vital step towards becoming a household name. Now consider that your competition may experience a head start while you are still ironing out your in-house software. And by the time you launch, they may have stolen your audience. Don’t let that happen to you.

In addition to that, in-house solutions run a serious risk of ending in one of three outcomes. The project could result in unmaintainable spaghetti code that is harder to fix than to start anew, you may burn a hole in your wallet, or in the worst case, both. Sad to say, we’ve seen it happen too often. If the code is unreadable, and a developer quits, the result can even become a nightmare.

We could even gather around the proverbial campfire and reflect on some other webshop horror stories. We’ve heard everything from payment gateways duplicating charges, prices loading incorrectly, to serious security vulnerabilities that would not only make your head spin, but could actually result in having to close your business for good.

Unless you are pouring significant time and effort into development yourself, it will be challenging to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Security vulnerabilities are a devastating operational risk, and constant vigilance must be applied. It is wildly irresponsible to ignore risks until they create damage, because nothing ensures that recovery will be possible.

For any eCommerce business to succeed, it is clear that customers need to trust your website. After all, you want them to be happy to spend their money on the products you offer. An intuitive interface, familiar features and a seamless payment process are crucial factors which can vastly influence customer satisfaction, retention rates and the reviews they publish.

Success is shy. Once it is scared off, it’s difficult to get it back. But you can relax, Shoprocket is feature-complete, secure and heavily tested directly out of the box. And as mentioned before, adding it to your site is surprisingly easy. You can save yourself the costs, headaches and time necessary for development of in-house eCommerce, and let your business take off.

What makes Shoprocket better than other available eCommerce solutions? 

Shoprocket was built with your success in mind from the ground up. We developed this because we believe in the future of instant eCommerce and user-friendly online shopping for all. Users nowadays can be quite demanding, and we did our best to listen.

One of the numerous advantages is mobile compatibility. Based on research by the US Department of Commerce and eMarketes, we can recognize that mobile devices are steadily becoming more important. It is not unreasonable to expect up to a third of all sales will come from mobile devices in the near future, so its sensible to be prepared. Currently, abandonment rates on mobile devices are averaging 97% This has to stop.

However, creating your own fully responsive solution is not trivial, and may delay development far more than you may anticipate. Common pitfalls can stifle production, delay release dates and frustrate both employees and customers. Why not take the fast lane? We’ve thought of the gears behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Shoprocket has been designed to be fully responsive across all web devices. This means that whether your customers are using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, their experience will be entirely seamless. Addressing the needs of your mobile shopping audience has never been so easy. And because we understand the importance of scalability, Shoprocket is optimised to further handle high volumes of orders. This ensures the stability of your enterprise and secures customer trust. Unfortunately, in-house solutions are not always built this way. As your business grows, so do we.

Whether your site has only a few products, or tens of thousands, Shoprocket will be able to handle everything. This gives you ample time to focus on achieving success and expanding your business. It can help you support as many users as possible, with stable infrastructure that can preserve a high standard of services regardless of workload or complexity.

In an unoptimised case, a lot of orders or visitors can cause the system to slow down or become unresponsive. Theoretically, such a website could even experience prolonged downtime, which would naturally not reflect well on its reputation.

Early in the business, Amazon and Google have noticed the importance of a fast responding system and reliable uptime. Greg Linden, a former employee of Amazon, has said that their research has discovered that for every 100ms of latency, sales dropped one percent A similar finding was reported by by Yahoo executive and former Google VP Marissa Mayer, who stated that a half second delay caused a 20% drop in their traffic

Loading times are not only frustrating to your customers but should be your concern as well, as it is essentially preventing them from giving you money. If you expect your business to really boom, then it may be fatal flaw to shut your ears to such scalability issues. Thankfully, Shoprocket comes prepared.

Another important feature to emphasis is€maximum payment and order security. All payments are handled by either Stripe or Paypal, depending on your personal preference. Both work towards protecting your business from malicious activity, and you can rest easy that your funds are safe without needing SSL certificates, complex security checks, or comprehensive testing. Patching security vulnerabilities on an in-house eCommerce system can be time-consuming and risky. We got this out of the way immediately to make eCommerce safe for everybody involved.

Shoprocket offers several features to make online shopping even more friendly from the users’ point of view. These include real time shipping costs, automatic pickup orders with SMS as well as email reminders. It can even be used to automatically book and pay for events instantly.

How can I add a shopping cart into my website?

Shoprocket is built to be manageable and to save time. One line of javascript code is enough, and your shopping cart solution is integrated into your website. Once added, it is very simple to use. You will be able to head to the admin panel and add products immediately. There you will find an intuitive overview of products, orders, sales and revenues as well as access to managing them.

All this is offered with no subscription or setup fees. Using Shoprocket does not require any fixed term contract, only a 2% flat rate on all completed transactions. This means you can stop using the service whenever you want and no further payments are necessary. And you can open as many Shoprocket stores as you wish, leaving plenty of room for experimentation and expansion.

And if your endeavors succeed, they will be running on a reliable and scalable solution that will handle any amount of traffic. Unlike many others, we do not put limits on your business. Because we want you to win.

We hope we can convince you to join the growing Shoprocket community.

You can expect to see more posts about Shoprocket, eCommerce, marketing, and online business in general right here on the official Shoprocket blog. If you have any suggestions or inquiries, just let us know, we're always keen to hear feedback and ideas.