Shoprocket: Our story... so far

Imagine this. It’s late into the night, nearly morning. Our three founders CEO Anthony Gale, CTO Chris McCreadie, and CPO Ryan Badger are working hard through the night to develop the code that would eventually become Shoprocket. They slaved away to create a technology that was faster and simpler than the other solutions available to them at the time. Initially, their solution was solely for themselves, but then, they realised the potential. That is where our story begins.

“Shoprocket was originally meant just for our use, at our agency. It wasn’t intended to be for the masses, but then we saw the potential of what Shoprocket could be. It’s meant for small businesses. It’s meant for big businesses. It’s meant for those technologically savvy and those who may not feel as comfortable with it,” says CEO Anthony Gale.

We’re going to go way back, all the way to the beginning of 2013. Anthony, Ryan Badger and Chris McCreadie are running a digital agency. The three of them were practically hitting their heads against the wall with the existing eCommerce platforms available to them, which were either slow and overly complicated, or simple but too limited.

With this in mind, they decided to create an eCommerce platform that was quick and easy, yet powerful and open. Something that they could reuse to enable eCommerce quickly on websites that they were developing, without requiring weeks or months of development time.

“It started as a framework, then a module, then we started to realise what laid at our fingertips,” explains Ryan. “We didn’t just build something that would make their lives easier, we created a platform. So at night after work at our digital agency, we’d code and code and code. We worked on simplifying the integration process, rethinking the checkout, constantly iterating to see just how much easier online shopping could be, for everybody; sellers, developers and buyers.”

They saw so much potential in Shoprocket that the three founders and the employees of Click Here Media closed their doors to their digital agency to focus solely on this new project. Eventually, the product was ‘ready’, and in December 2013 Shoprocket was born.

Chris adds, “Shoprocket was created for everyone. Our tech can handle hundreds of thousands of products as well as it can handle one. It’s perfect for both big and small businesses. Due to the simplicity of our tech, we saw the potential Shoprocket could have for the SME market. Some small business owners out there may be intimidated to start selling on an eCommerce platform, but they’re losing their chance to easily monetise online. Shoprocket is meant to break down that barrier. Everyone should have the opportunity to start a business, and their customers should have access to buy their products. We believe anyone can access eCommerce whether you’re a business owner or a customer.”

Here’s a quick timeline for you. In June 2014, the first ever order was processed. Following in September 2014, Shoprocket was invited into Seedcamp, a London-based first round fund that backs ambitious founders. Seedcamp saw the product and were immediately excited to support Shoprocket. In June 2015, we partnered with IMXPRS Site Builder for our customers who do not yet have their own website. In July, we opened Shoprocket up to public signups, allowing anybody to get started. Now, five months later (December 2015), we have over 5,000 accounts. We’ve also processed over 25,000 orders in 54 countries, and average 15,000,000 requests per month. We’re feeling pretty good about that.

“Since Seedcamp, we’ve attracted an amazing team and grown as a company,” says Ryan. “We have some pretty intelligent people here, and we’ve created an environment that allows those people to be great. Our product is pretty great too. We believe that when really smart people come together to work on something game changing, the success, the profit, that’s just a (lovely) byproduct. The real value in our work is the product Shoprocket has come to be. And that is why we will continue to succeed.”

“Ideas are born of their time, so our technology must be adaptable and malleable. Our tech is designed to always be cutting edge, as new ideas evolve to change the eCommerce game. The idea may be important, but it’s the execution that matters. The very core of Shoprocket is constant experimentation. If data is telling us something, then we do what’s necessary to improve. We can see how our technology needs to change, so then we change it.”

“Everyday is a new page in our books. We’ll never stop addressing our customers’ needs, and we’ll never back down when our technology challenges us. Within the next five years, we hope to evolve into a dominant player in the eCommerce space. If Shoprocket were to ever become a verb, that’s the ultimate confirmation that we’ve made it big. Hearing ‘Let’s Shoprocket it’ for developers would indicate that success. However, there are a lot of pages to write in between those five years. We’ll take each day as it comes. There’s a lot more to come.”

Every day our customer base grows. With more and more loyal supporters, we’re on our way to becoming the biggest and best eCommerce platform. One thing is for certain, we’re going to ruffle some feathers and change the landscape for the better.

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