Shoprocket Ready for Retail ignition

The Shoprocket gang was busy last Wednesday attending the Retail Ignition event hosted by Iris. Being invited was a real honour, as Iris works with some of the world’s foremost brands and top national retailers.

At the event, 30 retail professionals from marketing directors to CEOs were invited to have a discussion on the future of retail, and generally all aspects of the industry.

One of the (many) interesting topics at this event was incorporating digital advantages into the retail store environment. From analysing customers in-store purchasing behaviour to connecting in-store and online customer data using systems such as yreceipts.

As part of the event, eight of the best retail related startups were invited to present their companies.

We started with an open discussion on the challenges that the modern retailer faced. The panel was: Xavier Vidal, the Managing Director of the Body Shop and Simon Burke Director at the Co-operative Food group.

Next up, the startup presentations!

Each company had a mere 7 minutes to pitch their product. So we thought, what’s the best way to demo Shoprocket to these high profile individuals?….

The answer - let’s Shoprocket one of their own websites on the spot!

We went up first to ask for a volunteer and Martin Curry from Abel and Cole was brave enough to ask us to use his website. With the Shoprocket presentation now on hold, we had 45 minutes to copy the Abel and Cole website and implement Shoprocket.

But as anyone who sells goods through Shoprocket will know, we didn’t need 45 minutes. 

It took us around 10 minutes to set up the main product page which you can see here:

And while we were waiting, the guys were browsing through the Abel and Cole website and noticed their excellent selection of cheese… 

So they made a microsite for them with all their cheeses!

We also noticed that the Abel and Cole website wasn’t responsive, and quickly remedied that. The cheese site is fully responsive, all the way down to mobile support! 

Two sites in 30 minutes. ( With a great deal of time spent browsing for cheese! )

Martin and the rest of the audience were suitably impressed. I think Martin might be having a word with his tech team about the time it takes to make changes to their current site…

All in all, it was a great event and we would like to thank Iris and Iris Nursery for their support.