The Evolution of the Printer

Say hello to the future of printers.

Shoprocket has cleverly designed a portable, open-sourced, thermal printer that provides a smarter solution for things such as receipts labels and automation. Before jumping into specifics, let’s check out how it came about.

It all started when we tried to provide our customers with an easy printer that we could automatically send orders to. It sounds simple enough: a printer, connected to the internet, that automatically prints...

But, believe it or not, we struggled to find any companies offering this service. The ones that were available were either very complex or had massive price tags with ongoing licensing fees and restrictions. So, we designed a portable, open-source, free to use, print service that provides a smarter solution for things such as receipts, labels and automation.

This printer was created with the idea of simplicity, sustainability, and cost effectiveness in mind. With our solution, as soon as an order is placed, it is instantly printed in the kitchen or store for preparation. This streamlines the delivery and pick up process for both customer and the business owner.

Not only that, the thermal printing is ink-free, providing companies with a sustainable and economic solution. This is an amazing long-term benefit that will provide countries around the world access to the power of print at an extremely economical cost.

A strong foundation for this printer has been built, but it is only the beginning for this innovation. The next step for the project includes compatibility with a simple nine-dollar hardware chip, thus making the printer affordable to an even larger pool of people. Furthermore, a 4G adaptor will be implemented to make communication with the printer through mobile data possible. This negates the need for a wifi network or ethernet connection, creating a truly mobile solution.

Another major innovation is the 3D printed case, giving customers the capability to download the file and actually produce their own case for the printer. And most importantly, Shoprocket’s goal is to create a fully functioning printer that is totally affordable for everyone.

The potential for this new printer is immense, giving communities across the world access to a functioning, affordable, smarter printer. This innovation has been created by a virtue that runs deep in the team: find a straight forward, smart, better solution and make it available for all.