Ecommerce Blogs That You Should Be Following

Traditionally you would have to go to a bookstore and find the best books within your category to learn the craft. Luckily, we live in the internet age and there are a great amount of resources available out there for the ecommerce market. Here are some quick blogs that you can visit on a weekly basis to improve your knowledge in ecommerce.


Ecommercefuel is a website, podcast, and guide dedicated to the ecommerce community. The mission statement of this blog says that it aims to become “the web’s best community for independent ecommerce merchants” and the blog is intended to help support smaller merchants and independents to achieve success. As such it’s packed with interesting and actionable content that focuses on strategy and offering practical tips and advice on how to get ahead in the sector.
This is not the blog that you would want to be missing out on!

Shoprocket’s blog

Yes! We had to include ourselves in this list. We’re still super new, but we’re going to be pumping out the best e-commerce content there is over the next few months. We’ll give you the latest insights on how to grow your ecommerce business as well as give you the latest trends and resources to grow your ecommerce store on. Stay tuned!

Practical Ecommerce

Practical Ecommerce is an ecommerce blog dedicated to everything about Ecommerce. It covers a wide range of topics ranging from social media to management to the way retailers think about your product. Pretty awesome blog and worth a check.

ECommerce Times

Like New york times, Wall street times etc., Ecommerce times is a blog/news site for the ecommerce market. You may want to start pumping out a new ecommerce brand or maybe you might want to start rolling with the latest ecommerce trends. Ecommerce Times will have you covered. The good thing about Ecommerce Times is that it doesn’t just cover Ecommerce news, but a lot of other news as well such as high end products.

Search Engine Land

What does search engine have to do with Ecommerce? Everything! Search Engine Land covers the latest news, trends, and tips on SEO. You may have the best product, but you need traffic in order to get those sales. Search Engine Land will teach you exactly how to write up the best product descriptions so that your products will rank well within Google and drive organic traffic to your store.

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