We Got the Goss with Get the Gloss

Welcome to Shoprocket’s new series, “Conversation With A Customer.” Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll interview customers to understand a bit about them, their business, and their experience with Shoprocket.

Our first interview is with Get The Gloss, the UK’s leading online authority in health and beauty. Get The Gloss provides reviews and expert advice to a growing audience of readers seeking insight on everything from skincare and makeup to recipe guides and the next fitness phenomenon.

Hi Get The Gloss! I just wanted to start by saying thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with us.

SR: Can you tell me a little background about Get the Gloss, and how it all came about?

GTG: Get The Gloss was founded in 2012 by seasoned journalist Sarah Vine and beauty editor Susannah Taylor as the online destination for beauty and wellness. Over the past three years, we’ve built a loyal and engaged readership that continues to grow month-on-month and is a testament to the relevance and authority of our expert-led content. From the outset we knew we wanted to eventually introduce an e-commerce offering that would allow our readers to buy into our trusted advice in a more tangible way. Many brands choose to do this the other way around - build the product and shop first, and then try to create engaging content around it - but we like to be disruptive and did it the other way around! We focused on our content first.

SR: That strategy has obviously been successful and paid off.

GTG: That’s the thing, we know how to do content well. Now it’s a case of optimising the e-commerce offering on our site. We launched two different products earlier this year, Project Me, a 12-week health and fitness e-guide, and Get The Box, which is health box containing our Editor’s pick of all the best superfoods and nutritious supplements on the market. Both were launched simultaneously and performed exceptionally well. We sold out of the boxes in just three weeks and Project Me continues to drive steady sales. We look forward to building on the success of our e-guides and box offerings over the coming months.

SR: What did you like about the process when working with Shoprocket?

GTG: We’ve loved the customer service we’ve received. It’s all around fantastic! Being able to contact Ryan directly whenever there’s been an issue has been hugely beneficial and probably something we wouldn’t have had access to were we working with a large company. The level of cooperation between the Shoprocket and Get The Gloss developers has been fantastic in terms of reactivity and response rates. If there were an issue that needed to be sorted out, it was done so efficiently and collaboratively between Shoprocket and our development team.

SR: How did you come into contact with Shoprocket?

GTG: We were introduced to Anthony at Shoprocket by an investor of ours and were immediately impressed by what Shoprocket has to offer. It’s such a time- and cost-effective way to enable an e-commerce offering.

SR: In your mind, what were three major qualities about Shoprocket that stood out to you and influenced your team to jump onboard?

GTG: The efficiency, the easy setup, and its simplicity drew us in.

SR: Does the website customization feature meet your needs?

GTG: Absolutely, and the Shoprocket team are always on hand to help us integrate new features and plugins to enhance our offerings.

SR: Has Shoprocket been able to assist in the case of arising issues?

GTG: Yes, the level of cooperation between the Shoprocket and Get The Gloss developers has been fantastic.

SR: Can you tell me more about features of the website that you find particularly beneficial?

GTG: The one line of code it takes to set a product live on the shop!

SR: Overall feelings about working with SR so far?

GTG: The reactivity and responsiveness of the Shoprocket team is second-to-none. Their willingness to work collaboratively with our developers has rendered great results in record time. Shoprocket’s motivation to get to know our product, our team and our ambition so quickly has also been much appreciated.

We want to thank Get The Gloss for taking out time in their schedule to talk to us about their experience with Shoprocket. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear what you have to say below.