Which Ecommerce Platform Is Best For Your Online Business?

You’re probably one of those hobby entrepreneurs that have been selling a few items online on Ebay or maybe you have a few hand crafted items that you are pushing on Etsy. Both of them are excellent channels to sell on, but your horizons are endless. There are many more channels that you haven’t explored yet.


eBay is probably the bread and butter to all online ecommerce marketplaces. It’s used around the world and most known for finding “cheap alternatives” for items online.

eBay is perhaps the most seller-centric of all the online selling options. While other websites center around which products are for sale, eBay centers around which sellers are offering any given product.
On the other hand, eBay has been a bit in flux lately. They’ve been spinning off or dropping major parts of their services, such as PayPal, and claim to be entering “a new chapter”.
In short, eBay is a great place to begin selling and a great way to make some extra side cash.


Many of you have shopped on Amazon before. It’s large inventory base, fast shipping, and easy checkout makes the entire shopping experience a breeze. Most people did not know they can sell their personal branded items on Amazon as well.

Amazon has an advantage that Ebay does not have: its customer base. It’s almost impossible to compete with the exposure or potential purchases that Amazon can offer third-party sellers. You can google any item, and Amazon, without a doubt will be ranked on top.
Amazon’s goal is to keep its customers happy, and it shows. Millions subscribe to Amazon Prime and untold numbers more frequent their website on a regular basis.
Sellers may need to price higher to beat Amazon to the Buy Box, but there’s a reason all or most major sellers have a presence on this platform. They’re also headed towards the drone delivery field!


Jet’s the new startup on the block, Jet promises to feature the cheapest prices on the market. They’ve come up with a streamlined process for selling that saves money for all parties involved, including third-party sellers. For instance, shoppers are encouraged to buy multiple products from the same seller so that the seller can ship it all in one box, or will strongly push the shopper to buy from the seller closest to him, to save both sides money on shipping.
What’s great about Jet is that it is still rather new. Good things happen when you enter the game early, so here’s your chance to leverage Jet’s benefits and make some magic happen.


Taobao is China’s personal ebay. It’s a pain to get your item listed and noticed on Taobao, but you can always leverage people in China to do it for you. There’s a type of business in China called, “Taobao buying agent service”. These people help you list your brand on Taobao and help you deal with all the sales side.

So why list on Taobao if it’s such a pain? Taobao has a bigger user base than Ebay and you’re attacking a market in a country that is populated and crazy about online shopping. More people shop online in China than around the entire world.

Your website

This is probably your best option because you have full ownership of your own products, brand, rules, and most importantly your reputation. If one day eBay decides to shut down, all your inventory and listings will be gone. There will be no way for you to notify your loyal customers and you might just go bankrupt.

With your own ecommerce store, you have full control of what’s going on. You have a list of customers and their contact information and you have full control of how regular shoppers find you around the web. You can also run native advertising to drive more sales.

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